The Best Way To Choose Area Rugs For Your Home

Whenever someone is thinking of decorating or redecorating their home, their mind will turn at some point to area rugs. Too many times, however, they wind up getting rugs that are too small or a rug that does not go with anything else in the room or they just find that it is too difficult to care for. Before jumping into a situation that you may wind up regretting, take the time for a little homework before purchasing any rug for your home.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Take a good look at the room in which you want to place any area rugs. Visualize its placement in your head, and incorporate it with the furniture that will also go into this room. While additional rugs should never be allowed to “free float”, or stand alone, unanchored by furniture, some people prefer to do so, especially in big spaces where there is little furniture. For safety purposes, you should always anchor rugs so that there is little danger of tripping over an edge.

Once you have that picture in your head, it is time to measure out the available space for the rug. Write these dimensions down: width, length, and shape. It might also help to take a few pictures of the furniture you want the rug to coordinate with, in media that you can take with you, so color does not become an obstacle later on. Take the measurements a second time. Sounds silly, but you want to be certain of the available space that you have to put a rug into before buying one.

Considerations for Purchase

Now that you are ready to start looking for your rug of choice, take a moment while looking at rugs to check out the manufacturer’s label, usually located on the back of each sample. This label will tell you a lot of things about the rug you are about to purchase: what material it is made out of, the exact dimensions, and cleaning specifications. The last item can be a deal breaker, especially if you have no intention of spending your weekend on your hands and knees scrubbing your new purchase clean.

If you are looking to purchase a rug for a known high traffic area, you would be better off getting a rug that is relatively easy to clean, especially if budget is a consideration for you. There are plenty of “like” models out there for the money conscious: Persian rug like, Oriental rug like, Mediterranean rug like, etc. Just because they are cheaper than the original, it does not necessarily mean that they lose anything in the translation. They are of just as high a quality as the original, cost less, and entail a lot less maintenance than the more expensive type.

Uses for New Rugs

Adding a new rug to a room can completely change the look of it. If there is furniture in the room, you want a piece that will accentuate the style of the furniture, coordinate with the other pieces, and not completely draw the eye away from them. If you have hardwood floors, be sure to center the new rug in the room, and then group the furniture around it. Buy a dark rug to show off light furniture and a light rug for dark furniture.

Area rugs can also be used to define a space. For example, say that you have a better than average foyer entrance to your home. The rug you place there should be the central focal point, and define the style that your guests will see throughout the rest of the home. If your furniture is of a particular type, then that rug should represent that type as the continual theme of the home. Most interior decorating schemes either move the eye from the bottom up, or from ceiling to floor. Go with what you like, and what expresses your personal style the best.