Wooden Furniture Care – Painting Furniture Made of Wood

Wooden furniture is a great way to spruce up and add to the identity of the home. However, as time goes by, the furniture loses its sheen and polish, and there are many amongst us who will discard good quality furniture because they do not know that it is actually very simple to add some new life to their old furniture with a simple coat of paint. Painting wooden furniture is quite simple, and it is actually a pretty happening DIY project if you have a weekend to yourself with your family. What you will need? To paint wooden furniture, you will need some easy to get ingredients, like:

1. Painters’ Drop Cloth

2. Gloves

3. Foam Brushes about two or three inches in size and length

4. Sandpaper

5. Tackrag

6. Small rags

7. Wood Putty

8. Putty Knife

9. Water Based Latex Paint

10. Water Based Wood Varnish.

Setting up the Furniture: Once you have these objects at hand, you should make the atmosphere ready for your work. Make sure that you have a fan on and windows open, so that you have ventilation in your work area. After you have done this, the first step is removing any dents or nail holes in your furniture. If your furniture is so old that it requires a coat of paint, it is bound to have dents and other wear and tear. Look for these, and apply wood putty to the dents and nail holes using the putty knife. Do not put a very large amount of putty, as it will make the furniture look very bad. Once you are done applying the putty, level it with the putty knife, to such an extent that it is in line with the furniture itself. Wooden furniture requires a grainy surface for the paint to catch the wood. The best way to do this is to rub the area that we want to paint with sandpaper. Once you are done with the sandpaper part, take one of your rags and wipe out any saw dust particles that may remain on your furniture. This is very important, as these saw dust particles will come out strikingly when the painting is done. After this, lightly brush every area of the furniture that you want to paint with the tack rag. You are ready to Paint!

Painting Wooden Furniture: Dip the foam brush up to half of the brush in the latex paint, and pain the wooden surface in a large, consistent hand with the paint brush. While painting, remember to overlap your painting hand, so that enough colours reach the furniture area. Allow the paint to dry for a good three or four hours. Your painted furniture is ready!