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Is It Your Ideal Home, Or Are You, House – Rich?

In most of our quests, to fulfill, our piece of the so – called, American Dream, the process of going, house – hunting, becomes, primarily, an emotional adventure, rather than, a realistic, relevant one, to better address our true needs, and requirements! Just as it makes little sense, to buy an automobile, simply, to impress others, and become, car – rich, it, similarly makes very little sense, to buy a house, solely, to show – off, and/ or, impress others! This is what I refer to, as being, house – rich, because, doing so, creates unnecessary stress, tension, and anxiety, which, in the longer – term, diminishes the possibilities of, truly, enjoying, a house. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, the conflicts between, finding one’s ideal home, and becoming house – rich.

1. Your ideal home: What makes a particular house, your ideal home? Does it make you happier, because you are proud of living there? Does it meet your present, and foreseeable, future needs? Is it in a convenient area, to meet your every – day requirements? How important is the quality of the public school system? Before you began, house – hunting, did you carefully consider, your personal comfort zone, in terms of the costs of living there, including: mortgage, principal, interest, and real estate taxes; utilities expenses and considerations; maintenance, repairs, renovations, upkeep, upgrades, etc? Are you seeking somewhere to live, based on relevant, realistic priorities, or, are you hoping, to, Impress the Joneses? Only, when, and, if, we give ourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, and realistically, analyze, what we need, and makes us happy, and we can comfortably afford, will the home, actually, ever, be truly ideal!

2. House – rich: What good does it do, if we are simply, house – rich, but aren’t happy? Certainly, for most, their house is their single, biggest financial asset, but if, you can’t afford the mortgage payments, or, you can’t enjoy your lifestyle, because the house, takes up, too much of your personal budget, how can that make any sense?

Before buying any house, proceed, in a pragmatic idealistic manner, and balance, your desires/ wishes, with your true needs, and determine what the balance, for you, makes most sense! Take the time, before you start, so you might maximize your future enjoyment of the home!